10 important things that helped me to avoid Emotional Eating

The Emotional Eating Trap

As the corona virus pandemic is spreading continuously throughout the world, we are always reminded to quarantine ourselves in our homes.

But staying at home means that there’s less room for working out, and lack of physical activity accompanied by poor eating habits pose risks to our health.

Emotional eating happens when we start consuming large amounts of food in response to feelings and
emotions instead of hunger.

Emotional eating is very common right now because we stay at home for long hours doing nothing,

which prompts us to start eating to entertain ourselves and pass time.

Some of us turn to emotional eating because it calms us down, cheers us up or as a compensation for a long
boring day.

Moreover, we don’t know a lot about this pandemic, and this alone is incredibly scary.

Feelings of anxiety and powerlessness can often make us turn to overeating or eating unhealthy foods to get the
feeling of joy and comfort that we’re craving for.

To make it worse, the couch is only a few steps away
from the pantry, which makes it easy to snack throughout the day without worrying about the effects
while roaming around your home.

The Strategy to avoid it

That’s why I had to come up with a strategy that controlled my eating habits.

Below are ten important steps that helped me to avoid emotional eating during the #StayHome period

  1. Buying natural foods– I prioritized buying home food supplies that comprised of only natural
    food items. These include vegetables, fruits, grains, and chicken meat. I also focused on foods
    that have a high nutritional value
  2. Avoiding Unhealthy snacks- I also avoided buying unhealthy snacks that could make me gain
    weight. These include sugars, chips, sweets, high-salt nuts, and foods processed using
    hydrogenated oils.
  3. Planning Meal times- Since I was going to be in the house throughout, I had to plan my meal
    times. I also ensured that my main meals were rich in vegetables and protein-rich foods such as
    chicken meat, eggs, and tuna. I also include food rich in fibers such as whole grains. These fibers
    keep me feeling full for a longer period, thus reducing the hunger feeling
  4. Eating Snacks between meals – I made light snack meals, which consisted of fruits and raw nuts.
    I also divided these snack portions in small quantities to avoid overeating them.
  5. Water- During this period, I keep drinking plenty of water between meals in sufficient
    quantities. Water is calorie-free and helps me to burn more calories and even suppresses my
    appetite if I consume it before meals
  6. Drinking Low-calorie Liquids- I also take various types of low-calorie liquids, which include
    various types of herbs and flowers. I also drink reasonable quantities of coffee and green tea,
    free of sugar during the day.
  7. Sugar and High-Calorie foods- I also stay away from sugar-rich and high-calorie drinks since I
    will be moving less during this period.
  8. Exercising at home- Being stuck in my house doesn’t mean that I don’t work out. I always
    exercise regularly at home to strengthen my muscles, stimulate blood circulation, raise the
    efficiency of the immune system, and burn more calories
  9. Sleep- Sometimes, emotions can cause sleep deprivation. I always ensure that I have enough
    sleep. Sleep is essential for growth, recovery and rest, and also minimizes emotional eating
  10. Keeping myself Busy- I also keep myself busy with useful activities. Doing activities like reading
    or doing some work keeps me busy, which minimizes the thoughts of eating.

In line with the ten steps mentioned above, I also weigh myself on a regular basis.

Whenever I notice a few pounds creeping on, I take the time to examine my lifestyle and make instant changes.

These strategies make it less likely to get unexpected weight gains caused by emotional eating.

Need help ?

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