Five eating habits that helped me to lose 20 kg of my weight

5 eating habits that helped me to lose 20 kg of my weight

What I eat along with how I eat and when I eat are powerful determinants of how effectively my body loses weight naturally.

Most gym enthusiasts don’t know about this fact, which has caused confusion, weight loss frustrations, and failure to successfully shed off the unhealthy and unsightly excess weight.

To lose weight, one needs to burn all the stored body fat through working out.

Apart from exercising, research shows that the body needs less of the wrong nutrients and food types that may introduce calories which will slow down the fat-burning process.

Below are five eating habits that helped me lose 20kg

1.  I minimized eating processed food, such as white bread, refined sugars, sweets, and salts that are high in calories with poor nutritional value.

Most processed foods (white bread, refined sugars, sweets, and salts) are filled with sugar, salts and fats to increase their shelf life.

These excess nutrients end up in the bodies of individuals who purchase them.

I minimized eating processed food since most of them are high in calories which are stored in fats and carbohydrates,

I switched to natural foodstuffs that have low sugar and salt levels.

2.  I avoided eating fast food meals that are high in calories and poor in nutritional value

As much as fast foods come in handy when one is in a hurry, eating too much of them can ultimately delay your weight loss program.

Food that’s served in our restaurants is high in calories and loaded with salt.

Cooking most of my snacks and meals at home gave me the power to regulate my calorie intake.

3.  I increased eating vegetables as a main element of the meal

Vegetables and Fruits are vital in any healthful diet.

The benefits of eating vegetables are not limited to physical health.

A new study found out that increasing vegetable and fruit consumption improves a person’s psychological well-being within two weeks.

I started using vegetables as a main element of all my meals which played a key role in my weight loss journey

4.  I made sure to eat high protein foods

such as chicken breast, eggs or tuna as a main element of the meal

Proteins are essential for a healthy diet.

Proteins help in keeping body muscles strong and boosts metabolism processes.

Studies show that eating more proteins can do more than just helping with weight loss.

Proteins reduce appetite and hunger, which has helped me lose 20 kg and build lean muscle.

5.  I avoided liquid calories, as I avoided drinking high-calorie liquids that are high in calories and poor in nutritional value

Yes, I am done with all types of liquid calories.

These includes everything from sodas, juices, alcohol, and bottled teas.

Apart from promoting weight gain, these liquid calories often lack fibers and healthy fats, which are good at keeping hunger pangs at bay.

In conclusion, these habits have played a significant role in my 20kg weight loss journey.

All I need to do is to remain focus when setting the next weight loss targets and sticking to them.

Natural weight loss diets aren’t that complicated; and they go a long way in facilitating rapid weight loss.

If you’re overweight or struggling with obesity, I can help you.

Since I’ve faced similar challenges that you’re facing, I can help you to overcome & succeed in losing weight as I’ve done.

All you have to do is contact me and I’ll be more than glad to assist you.

Being in a full-time job with access to the internet, I prefer to be contacted through email because of it the most convenient way.

Weight lifting while dieting is less challenging but very rewarding.


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