Five important things that kept me motivated to go to the gym

5 important things that kept me motivated to go to the gym

Most of us don’t exercise because of the most common reasons, we’re either too tired, too busy, or working out seems too boring and confusing.

But are these valid reasons or they’re just excuses? Getting motivated to go to lift weights isn’t something that just happens; it’s something I had to create for myself.

Working out may be all about exercising the body, but you won’t benefit from it until you start with your mind.

Below are five crucial things that kept me motivated to go to the gym.

1.  Setting specific fitness & weight loss goals

Setting Weight-loss goals determined the difference between my failure and success.

My well-planned and realistic weight-loss and fitness goals have kept me motivated and focused.

They have always provided a plan for change as I transition to living a healthier lifestyle,

as well as inspired me to hit the gym daily.

2.   Following professional fitness accounts & watching workout videos

If you aren’t on social media, this is the time to join the bandwagon.

If you’ve been looking for ways to get motivated to work out, you really should embrace the power of social media.

Scrolling through photos of rock-hard biceps and abs has always motivated me to hit the gym and lift those weights.

Following professional fitness accounts & watching workout videos has given me golden nuggets of knowledge, tons of wisdom, and lots of inspiration.

3.   Scheduling my workout split, volume & intensity levels, high-intensity workout is during the weekends (off days)

While training the whole body is great for beginners, it’s not good for experienced weightlifters.

I realized working out all my muscle groups at once gave less focus to each muscle group compared to splitting workouts.

Scheduling and splitting routines allows me to do more sets and exercises using heavier weights, which yields more results.

These routines also enable me to lift more often, since I work different muscles on different days.

4.  Taking frequent rest days for recovery,

And make it during the weekdays every Monday & Thursday during regular working days

We’re always advised to stay active through getting regular exercise.

But in any type of workout, more hasn’t always been better.

Rest days are as important as weightlifting days.

In fact, a successful weight lifting schedule isn’t complete without enough rest days.

Taking regular breaks allows my body to repair and recover.

Recovery is a critical part of progress and motivation, and skipping rest days causes burnout and overtraining.

Taking frequent rest days for recovery gives my muscles time to rest and recover, which keeps me ready and motivated for the next session.

5.  Body progress & results, seeing my self-progressing every week

You cannot manage something that you can’t measure.

Keeping track of how many sets or reps I did for a particular weight helps me to know if I am actually getting stronger.

Keeping records also helps me to know if I am making long-term progress,

knowing the days I train better than others,

seeing how my muscles grow and noticing body progress & results after a specific duration.

These results motivate me for the next challenges.

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