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The story of making change

The idea of the page name The40kg came up at the beginning of my journey to change for the better at the age of forty and lose 40 kg of my weight in a natural, scientific, and healthy way, and get rid of obesity and resolve its health and social problems.

Whereas the journey to make a change began on July 20, 2019, I achieved the goal of losing 40 kg naturally (from 125 kg to 85 kg) on September 11, 2020, which equates to approximately one year, one month, and 22 days.

My success did not happen overnight. Nobody gave me a magic pill. No fad diet or infomercial product had anything to do with my success. When I think about my journey & the story of The40kg, I think of it as a roller coaster of trials, with a lot of small milestones & systematic habits that have been built along the way, which eventually led to more than I ever thought I would achieve.

I was a self-conscious, obese father who wore baggy T-shirts and stretched jeans to hide my low self-esteem for years. I had no idea losing 40 kg would become a transformation path to self-awareness, liberation, and joy. As my weight and body shape changed, I documented the process in articles posts on this blog and my Instagram account. I also wrote down the problems that I had, and the solutions based on the scientific studies and practical experience.

About me

My name is Ahmad Sulaiman Salloum.

I am highly interested in studying and practicing food/nutrition sciences, and human behavior modification to change for the better. Also, I’m so passionate about helping others to start their story of making change & body transformation journey, by providing health & nutrition coaching plans including tips, strategies, guidelines & personalized programs.

I had a fantastic personal experience transforming my body by losing 40 kg of weight naturally and healthily by using scientific methods, following a smart diet, and exercising. To learn more about my academic qualifications and practical experience, please continue reading through the rest of the sections below.


  • Postgraduate Advanced Diploma (Academic EQF Level 7) in Performance Nutrition from the Institute of Performance Nutrition IOPN, UK and graduated with distinction
  • Bachelor’s degree of science in Information Technology and Computing, and master’s degree in strategic management (MBA).
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist by the ISSN International Society of Sports Nutrition CISSN, UK
  • Certified Master Trainer, certified by the ISSA International Sports Sciences Association, USA, based on the following certifications: CF Nutritionist, CF Specialized in Sports Nutrition, CF Transformation Specialist, CF Personal Trainer, CF Genetics-based Program Designer, CF Bodybuilding Specialist, and CF Health Coach)
  • Certified Personal Trainer accredited by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers NCCPT in the USA (NCCA Accredited Certification Program) after successfully passing the Prometric exam.
  • Certified PMP, Project Management Professional provided by PMI the project management institution.

My Professional Career

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What Inspired Me to Start the Journey of Change?

As soon as I hit 125 kg, I started having health issues that hadn’t previously manifested themselves. Throughout the day, my blood pressure was high from time to time. My cholesterol level blood was always high, which was not surprising. Furthermore, even simple tasks such as tying my shoelaces left me panting profusely and gasping for air. After sitting for long periods, my knees began to squeak and hurt. Alongside snoring, my heart and lungs felt like they were suffocating at night, and I couldn’t sleep except in a certain position because of the weight of the fat pressing on them.

In addition to these problems, my lower back pain worsened. This pain was caused by a disc problem in my lower back, which I had surgery on in 2014.

And one day, I decided to consult with multiple doctors on the same day to have all of these issues examined. Fortunately, after thorough examinations and assessments, it was discovered that there was no organic issue. However, all the doctors agreed on the same thing: “Exercise, diet, and weight loss are the only ways to solve your health issues. If you don’t take care of your health, you could end up in a life-threatening situation. Whatever you are experiencing is only serving as a warning. ” In simple terms, my health was appalling. These warnings were the final bell for me, and the decision had to be made and implemented right away.

How I started my weight loss Journey

As with any obese or overweight person, I attempted an infinite number of different diet plans and “secret detox” methods, all of which failed miserably for one reason: I lacked the proper mindset for weight loss. Was it my intention to lose weight? Yes. Was I aware of the effort required to lose and maintain that much weight? NO… That’s when I realized I needed more than just a healthy diet. I had to change how I thought about nutrition and exercise and my lifestyle choices.

The first healthy lifestyle change I made was changing my mindset and sticking to a healthy diet. I replaced all processed foods with whole and unprocessed foods. On top of that, I started eating lots of fruits and vegetables, rich in nutritional value and relatively low in calories. I also upped my water intake to ensure that my body was always hydrated.

I also started using the MyFitnessPal mobile app to plan and manage my meals. After a while, I noticed that my efforts were gradually paying off. I noticed I was losing weight steadily, and my overall health improved.

Using the knowledge and skills gained during my research and studies as a certified nutritionist, I always looked for ways to improve my diet. The urge to better my diet required a lot of research, which increased my passion and interest in nutrition and sports science. By combining all these factors with a regular exercise routine, I finally attained a healthy lifestyle routine that I believe I will maintain for life, God willing.

My source of motivation

The people around me are my source of motivation.

The thought of not being there for my wife and my two children always keeps me going back to the gym.

I also have a set of SMART goals that keep me motivated.

My partner also plays a significant role in motivating me, shopping for healthy groceries, and preparing healthy meals.

Sometimes, she even accompanies me in the morning and evening run.

My children have also been the most supportive individuals on this journey.

They encourage me to eat healthy and do most of the physical exercise.

My Current Health Status

As I mentioned above, I was diagnosed with obesity, which negatively affected my health, including sudden increases in blood pressure, snoring, and increased back pain. Now I am thankful to God that I have changed. I had no idea how horrible I felt until I lost weight. I’m constantly at ease. I remember always feeling heavy and uneasy in seats, uneasy in my clothes, and self-conscious all the time. And I’m proud of myself for the first time in my life. When you are healthy, life is wonderful. What was once unimportant to me has become paramount in my priority list due to this experience.

I have seen a huge improvement over the last few months, and I am more active during the day, especially at work, despite sleeping less. By following a healthy diet and exercising, I lost weight drastically. Thanks to God, the health problems that I had no longer exist, and I do not have to take any medication because of my excellent health condition.

Furthermore, the high blood pressure has stabilized, the snoring problem has disappeared, and the back-pain problem has improved significantly. My overall body movement also improved, and my physical strength and endurance increased. I can now sleep soundly at night without any issues. Furthermore, I am physically fit and have mastered several exercises and weightlifting routines.

How I Manage working out with a busy schedule

How do I stay fit even though I work long hours? a challenge that many of us face. To be successful in losing and maintaining weight, you must train many times each week, consume nutritious food, and maintain an active lifestyle. That is possible for individuals who work less than 40 hours per week. But what about those of us who work 48 or more hours per week?

The answer is that it is still achievable, but it will require careful time management and a training regime designed to squeeze as much productivity into as little time as possible. I made caring for my health one of the most important priorities in my life, and therefore, adherence to a healthy diet and exercise became self-evident.

I was convinced that it would be more difficult to take care of my health if I did not take care of anything else. For this reason, I was keen to develop an integrated plan to manage my time and adhere to a healthy lifestyle based on scientific and practically proven foundations. For example, I made sure not to miss the weekend opportunity to exercise while I put two days off from training during the week to make it easier for me to commit to going to the club.

Advice for those who want to lose weight and live healthy lives

Lifting weights and dieting has made me feel positive, empowered, and energetic.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle extend past merely looking good.

The good thing about weight training is that it’s a simple activity that can be done by anyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or skill.

All one needs to have is the willingness to learn, hard work, and commitment to achieve health and fitness goals.

I know this may sound like a truism, but it’s the truth.

I also experience problems and issues along the way, but that doesn’t mean that I should give up.

Any experienced weightlifter will tell you the same thing.

If you’re overweight or struggling with obesity, I can help you.

Since I’ve faced similar challenges that you’re facing, I can help you to overcome & succeed in losing weight as I’ve done.

All you have to do is contact me and I’ll be more than glad to assist you.

Being in a full-time job with access to the internet, I prefer to be contacted through email because of it the most convenient way.

Weight lifting while dieting is less challenging but very rewarding.




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