Don’t waste your weekends without workouts

Don’t waste your weekends without workouts

Are you desperately trying to fit your workouts into your ever- busy work schedule?

Well, relax and take a deep breath.

Now listen:

Did you know that you can keep fit by following a super-efficient routine that uses the only time you have to yourself?

Don’t waste your weekends without workouts, especially when you’re too busy during the weekdays.

You can rest and recover during the week to make it easier for you to adhere to your weekend workout schedule.

I actually achieve high fitness levels by exercising two days a week.

A weekend workout program may not seem like much, but if done correctly, it will improve your overall health, energy levels and even lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. 

All you need to do is set aside sometime between Friday night and Sunday evening, and I know you can do that.

I make progress by doing weekend weight lifting workouts only.

It needs a balance of creativity and dedication.

Experts recommend spreading out your strength training sessions throughout the week to give your body a moderate balance between exercising and resting.

However, what if you’re a full-time employee working for 9.5 hours a day? Married with two kids and lots of responsibilities to take care of? What can you do?

Before you start weight lifting on weekends, decide what goals you want to achieve and use them to figure out the best weight training plan.

Are you weightlifting to lose weight, gain strength, or build muscle?

Do you want to attain a couple of goals at once?

Precisely knowing your goals will help you understand your needs and requirements.

If you’re a beginner, you can train your big four on both days.

This includes bench presses, squats, overhead presses, and dead lifts.

Accessories to be used will be determined by your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

If you are a more advanced and experienced lifter like me, you may need to split your workout into two days, a lower body and upper body day.

This is because your body requires more recovery time,

and doing progressive exercises will burn you out.

By the end of your weekend, by using any of the two approaches, you’ll hit all your core muscles and shed a significant amount of weight.

One of the vital things when it comes to working on weekends is keeping track of is your improvement.

Always improve and increase the number of reps every time you work out.

Nowadays, the internet is full of resources that will spout “the best” workout programs.

However, these programs don’t focus on your tight schedules and individual goals.

That’s why you need to start training to achieve your weight loss goals through planning and being tactical about how to achieve them.

Hard work & patience

Everyone hopes and dreams about having specific levels of strength or body types.

But planning and executing your plan successfully needs lots of hard work, time, and dedication.

And that’s what motivates me and keeps me going back to the gym every weekend.

Need help ?

If you’re overweight or struggling with obesity, I can help you.

Since I’ve faced similar challenges that you’re facing,

I can help you to overcome & succeed in losing weight as I’ve done.

All you have to do is contact me and I’ll be more than glad to assist you.


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