Five essentials have helped me lose more than 33 kg of extra weight

Five essentials have helped me lose more than 33 kg of extra weight.

Losing weight is something that’s desired by many people.

Most of us want to shed off those love handles, potbelly, or even lose weight to fit into our favorite clothes.

Some individuals even start the weight loss journey to fail to achieve their goal due to demotivation, poor planning, or other types of hurdles.

Encompassing all these barriers, I have applied five essentials that have helped me push the roadblocks harder and lose more than 33 kg of extra weight.

They include:

1- Caloric deficit

With this principle, I always ensured that I ate foods with a total caloric intake less than what my body needed for the day. This ensured that my body is always fat-burning, which compensated for the undersupplied energy.

2- Correct Portion Sizes

Understanding the right quantities and quality of food needed for my body was also necessary for my weight loss journey.

Even though determining the right portion size was challenging, I looked for ways to calculate the right amount of food for every meal to achieve my fitness goals.

I did this by calculating the percentages and amounts of macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats. I also had lots of vitamins and minerals, which are needed for various vital body functions.

Moreover, I ate more proteins because they have a thermogenic effect that helps burn more calories.

3- Resistance Training

Performing resistance exercises was also beneficial in a couple of ways.

First, resistance training helped me to build and maintain lean body mass while still operating on a caloric deficit.

Lean muscles also increase the basal metabolic rate, which ensured that I burned more calories at all times.

Resistance training also increased the number of calories my body burns after working out.

4- Rest

During my weight loss journey, rest days were just as important as exercise days.

In fact, my weight loss schedule was incomplete without rest days. Taking regular breaks allowed my body to recover and repair.

This is a critical part of progress, irrespective of your fitness level or sport.

Rest days also helped in avoiding overtraining or burnout. It also improved sleep quality.

5- Cardio

Cardio is the oldest form of exercise used by most individuals to lose weight.

Cardio developed my endurance and reduced my stress levels in the process. Incorporating high-intensity cardio exercises enabled me to burn more calories in less time.

Following these essentials helped me lose more than 33 kgs of extra weight.

Also, remember that balance is needed, and we should always avoid exaggeration.

Combining these five essentials with the right kind of motivation worked magic.  


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