Five health improvements that I have noticed after two months of workouts and healthy diet

Five health improvements that I have noticed after two months of workouts and a healthy diet

Most people are fond of asking me this question ‘how long does it take to notice health changes on your body after working out?’.

Do you know that I started noticing the benefits of exercising after hitting the gym for the first time?

Of course, all of them didn’t come at the same time,

However, you’ll notice some changes after two months of working out.

Below are five health improvements that I’ve noticed after two months of workouts and a healthy diet.

1. I became more active during the day especially at work, although I’m sleeping fewer hours

Strength training has elevated my levels of endorphin production,

which increases energy levels and improves my overall mood.

The resulting neuromuscular and neurochemical responses to workouts have offered a further positive effect on my brain and thinking capacity,

although I’ve realized that I sleep fewer hours.

2. The snoring problem that started last year has almost disappeared

Apart from losing weight and increasing energy levels,

exercising has also reduced my snoring problem drastically.

This is because exercising tones various muscles in my body,

including my chest, legs, arms, and abs, which leads to toning my throat muscles.

This has resulted in less snoring.

3. High blood pressure problem that started last year also has been resolved

Regular weight lifting has helped reduce the high blood pressure problem that I’ve been struggling with for some time, and I believe it’s one of the most effective ways to treat high blood pressure.

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure,

always talk to your doctor before taking on any new exercise activities.

I talked about it with my doctor, and he gave me the go-ahead, which has helped to reduce my blood pressure problem.

4. Significant improvement in my back pain & overall body’s movement

Additionally, working out has been good for my back.

Exercising has helped in stretching my hamstring muscles, which helps to relieve pain in the lower back.

Another benefit I’ve noticed after working out for two months is that the motions also help in lubricating my facet joints,

which has improved appropriate motions and overall body’s movement.

5. Significant improvement in my physical strength & endurance

Exercising has also played a significant role in building and maintaining my physical strength and endurance.

Weight lifting has stimulated muscle building for the last two months.

And this is because exercising helps in releasing hormones that promote the ability of my muscles to absorb amino acids.

This makes them grow and reduces injuries. As our bodies age, we start to losing more muscles and functionality, which leads to injuries and disabilities.

Working out is essential in preventing muscle loss and maintaining strength and endurance.

After working out for two months,

my daily life is also become more comfortable.

I am now able to climb stairs easier without panting after the second floor.

And I can comfortably walk to the store that’s 15 minutes from home.

My life is now easier and happier compared to how it was two months ago.

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