Five things helped me plan & manage my workout schedule effectively

Five things helped me plan & manage my workout schedule effectively.

Planning and managing your workout schedule can be just as important as doing the exercises themselves.

Lots of people go to the gym and pick something to do. Maybe it is starting with some cardio and then doing a few weight training exercises.

Yes, that is great you are getting some workouts in, and you should be very proud of yourself for that.

But there can be more to your training that will help you in getting better results.

How I can get more out of my workouts, you ask. No matter how your day is, at some point, planning is involved.

Well, working out is set the same way.

From my transformation experience, I will show five things that helped me organize my workout time and exercise in general.

1- Choosing the right time for lifestyle.

The exercise’s timing does not matter whether it’s morning or evening;

what’s important is the timing of your lifestyle, your commitments, your health condition, and helping you commit and continue and achieve the goal and purpose of the exercise.

I tried the exercise at different times during the day of the week, morning, evening, and night, and I found in each timing advantages and disadvantages

And the best timing is appropriate for the circumstances in general, and it is better to be within a clear and specific plan and schedule.

2- I avoided exercise in the following times.

I avoided exercising immediately after eating so that the digestion of food is not negatively affected,

as based on scientific recommendations, the period should range from an hour to two after the meal, according to the components and quantity of the meal and the intensity of the exercise.

Also, I avoided exercising directly before bed because it may negatively affect the quality of sleep, especially if the intensity of the exercise is high.

A pre-workout meal is usually the best light and contains a quick carb source such as fruits (Banana or apple0 with a cup of coffee to get a better energy level, especially before a high-intensity exercise.

Exercising during fasting and before breakfast is possible if it is of low intensity and does not cause high physical stress and fatigue to the body.

3- Schedule and vary the intensity and volume of the exercise.

One of the factors that helped me commit to exercising the most was setting a schedule of exercises for the week’s days.

These exercises were of varying intensity to suit my circumstances, my obligations, and the nature of my work.

So I made sure to do high-intensity aerobic exercises over the weekend and schedule moderate / low-intensity aerobics on weekdays to make it easier for me to stick to and continue.

4- Scheduling rest days.

It is very important to specify days of the week for a break from exercise to help the body recover and build and improve athletic performance and development in general.

The rest days are determined according to several factors, which differ from one person to another.

These factors include the goal and quality of exercise, health status, fitness level, and age.

One of the key factors used in determining the rest days is ones lifestyle and personal commitments.

5- Flexibility and adaptation to circumstances.

There must be a commitment to the plan to achieve the goals and progress continuously.

However, it is also essential to have flexibility in modification and development to adapt to different circumstances and surprises,

which helps us continue commitment and progress.

I also reviewed my schedule every week, adjusted it, and developed it when necessary.  

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