Four Health Issues Caused by Obesity

Four Health Issues Caused by Obesity

In addition to the primary symptoms of obesity, my weight contributed to several severe health disorders that went unnoticed during the early stages of my condition. These health issues include:

First: Severe lower back pain (disc)

As my weight increased steadily from 2010 onwards, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged periods of sitting without physical activity, I began experiencing frequent episodes of severe lower back pain. Despite warnings from doctors, I neglected my health, maintained poor lifestyle habits, and continued to gain weight. In May 2014, the pain escalated to a critical level, leading to hospitalization. The diagnosis revealed a severely herniated disc, necessitating immediate surgery. While my condition improved significantly after adopting healthier habits, the injury remained a challenge during exercise.

Second: Knee Roughness.

Obesity and weight gain weakened and caused roughness in my right knee due to increased strain over the years and weakened leg muscles. This condition became another obstacle during movement and physical activity.

Third: Sudden rise in blood pressure

When my weight reached 125 kg, I began experiencing exhaustion, particularly during working hours, accompanied by a sudden rise in blood pressure, facial redness, and shortness of breath. Medical examinations revealed the urgency of weight loss to prevent the condition from becoming chronic. Thankfully, after just two months of embracing a healthier lifestyle with nutritious eating and regular exercise, my condition stabilized, and the symptoms disappeared.

Fourth: Loud snoring during sleep.

At 125 kg, I developed a new health issue—excessive snoring during sleep. Medical evaluations ruled out organic problems but attributed the snoring to obesity-related factors. The doctor emphasized the potential risks associated with breathing difficulties and urged immediate weight loss. With the commencement of my healthy journey—focused on balanced nutrition and consistent exercise—the snoring gradually diminished until it disappeared completely.

In conclusion, addressing obesity not only alleviates primary symptoms but also mitigates associated health risks, fostering overall well-being and vitality.

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