My diet

My diet

The internet is always debating about what a perfect diet is.

Back then, a diet was simply what you ate.

But our busy lifestyle has caused us to make diet changes to fit our daily lives.

This has made it so hard to get the best definition of a perfect diet.

Since there’s no perfect diet that works for everyone, I had to come up with my diet.

Everyone has a different set of goals and nutritional needs that keep them healthy.

My perfect diet doesn’t just keep me alive; it helps me thrive.

It gives me the best intake of nutrients that keep my body as healthy as it can be.

My Diet Goals:

Rather than sticking to one universal diet, the following Diet Goals helped me to come up with my diet.

1.      Reduce & eliminate refined carbs, sugar, and salt intake and incorporate unrefined sources

Refined carbs, sugars, and salt are closely related to health problems.

Taking too much salt increases the risk of suffering from coronary heart diseases, hypertension, and stroke.

On the other hand, taking refined carbs and sugar increases weight gain and the risk of dental caries.

I had to replace these with healthy carbs & sugar sources.

These include Oatmeal, fruits (Mostly bananas), Honey, Brown toast, brown Rice and Brown pasta

2.      Increase protein intake by adding whole sources of protein

Protein is vital for the body because it supports most of the body’s processes.

When weightlifting, protein helps in healing and building muscle.

This helps the muscle cells to reconstruct and grow stronger after a session.

As a result, I take sufficient proteins to speed up the repair and growth process.

My main protein sources include Chicken Eggs, Chicken breast, Tuna, and Red meat.

3.      Reduce & eliminate unhealthy sources of fat & increase sources of healthy fat

Fat is also important in the body.

However, consuming unhealthy fats leads to weight gain, which is a threat to one’s health.

These unhealthy fats are mostly found in vegetable oils, fried foods, and most commercially prepared foods.

Unhealthy fats are also present in fatty cuts of meat, and in coconut and palm oils.

Healthy fat sources include raw nuts, avocados, cheese, and olive oil.


Alongside increasing the intake of healthy fat sources,

I also take enough vegetables, fibers, fruits, minerals, and vitamins.

4.      Counting & controlling daily calories using MyFitnessPal mobile App

MyFitnessPal is among the best calorie counters in the market right now.

It helps me to track my weight and calculates my recommended calorie intake.

It also has a well-designed exercise log and food diary.

This App also has an extensive database that contains over 5 million foods.

MyFitnessPal allows me to download recipes from the web or even create my custom meals.

All my favorite meals are also saved in the database for convenient logging.

5.      Plan meals for the day & avoid starving

Starving is probably the worst method of losing weight.

Starvation causes organ failure or organ damage since the body won’t be receiving the required nutrients.

Once the body starts receiving food again, it will store more fat for use in case you decide to starve yourself again in the future.

To avoid this, I plan all my meals accordingly and ensure they have all the required nutrients.

6.      Fast/Junk Food Not Allowed

When I began my weight loss journey,

avoiding junk food seemed difficult since I had developed a habit of eating it often.

But I had to stop since it slowed down my progress.

I developed a habit of eating home-made, natural, and nutritious food that keeps me healthy and helps me achieve success with my weight loss program.

My diet is also full of healthy drinks:

They include Water, Coffee, Green tea, Fresh Orange juice, and Fresh Carrot juice.

Other nutrition supplements that I take include Multivitamins, Omega 3 and Green tea extract

To lead a healthy life, there’s much more involved than just nutrition.


Apart from information about my diet that I’ve just shared,

I Increase & control protein & manage overall macro-nutrients intake based on my body needs

using MyFitnessPal mobile App.

If you’re overweight or struggling with obesity, I can help you.

Since I’ve faced similar challenges that you’re facing, I can help you to overcome & succeed in losing weight as I’ve done.

All you have to do is contact me and I’ll be more than glad to assist you.


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