Right forearm injury (tennis Elbow)

Right forearm injury (tennis Elbow)

So yesterday, I got a confirmation about my right forearm injury.

“How’s that possible?” you may ask. “What does this type of injury have to do with a weight-trainer?”

Don’t be deceived by the name. A Tennis elbow injury is a prevalent condition that affects most strength athletes and hardcore bodybuilders.

This condition mostly affects athletes who frequently make repetitive and high-intensity motions

What’s a tennis elbow?

So, what does this mean?

Is a tennis elbow injury an inflammation?

A torn tendon? And should it be handled like other injuries?

In simple terms, a tennis elbow is an irritation of the muscles at the elbow.

Pain is usually felt with resistance whenever you try to extend the wrist.

A tennis elbow can pop up in people of any age, but it’s most common at about age 40. ‏

How did I know I have a tennis elbow injury?

At first, there was minimal swelling over the area.

But I felt severe pain whenever I tried to pick up small objects.

The pain was localized at the elbow and shot down the forearm into the hand.

I also noticed a decrease in my grip strength, which was also as a result of the pain.

I had to visit my doctor, who tested a range of motions using my right arm before confirming that I had a tennis elbow injury.

How Does Tennis Elbow Develop?

A Tennis elbow injury can be considered as an overuse injury.

This occurs when the tendons and muscles in your forearm are overstrained

when doing a strenuous or repetitive activity.

If the tendons and muscles in your forearm get overstrained, inflammation and tiny muscle tears develop near the lateral epicondyle.

A tennis elbow can also occur after working for working out for the first time out after staying for so long without working out.

However, even those individuals who work out regularly can still get injured.

My Case

In my case, the injury was caused by lifting weights that were slightly too heavy,

which made my forearm extensors overwork —

this accumulated muscle damage in the area, which led to pain and inflammation at the elbow.

How will I treat my right forearm injury?

There’s no “best way to heal a tennis elbow fast.”

Ligaments and tendons take a while to heal compared to other muscles.

Because of their nature and structure, these muscles receive less oxygen compared to other tissues.

The only way to treat my tennis elbow injury is taking a break from weight lifting to give the muscles time to heal.

I will resume weightlifting when I can comfortably pick up light and heavy objects without feeling pain in my right arm.

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