Ten important benefits I found using resistance cable to perform exercises

Ten important benefits I found using resistance cable to perform exercises.

Since the pandemic began, resistance bands have been an excellent tool for my workout routine since most gyms were closes. These simple exercise tools have many benefits, including convenience, versatility, effectiveness and safety. The more I realized the benefits of using resistance cables to perform exercises, the more I was motivated to use them daily. These benefits include:

1. Diversity

Resistance cables have a diverse set of exercises that can target all the muscles of the body. This helped me develop and preserve muscles, especially in quarantine conditions and the inability to exercise in health clubs.

2. Heating

Resistance cables are excellent for heating, elongation and overall motor performance. Most resistance cable kits have exercises for nearly all the major muscle groups in your body. Stepping on my resistance cable or looping it around a stationary object was enough to get me warmed up for my next activity.

3. Safety

Resistance cables have an increased safety ratio, which helped me avoid injuries while performing intricate exercise movements. With this band, I have was able to perform all the familiar strength-training moves without the worry of being injured.

4. Recovery

The high safety ratio also makes these cables suitable for returning to exercises after exposure to injury. They also speed up the rehabilitation and recovery period, and very excellent for the health of bones, joints and ligaments.

5. Adaptability

Resistance cables have multiple resistance levels, from light, medium to heavy. One can also further adjust the amount of resistance based on the fitness level and intensity desired. This makes resistance bands suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

6. Portability

Resistance cables are small and portable, which made them ideal whenever I needed to take my workout with me when travelling. We have many resistance band exercises that can be done in small spaces, which gave me the freedom to choose the place to perform the exercise. Resistance cables are easy to carry, move and store.

7. Storage

With the health clubs closed due to the pandemic, resistance cables are a great option since they can be stored in small spaces. One can choose to hang them on a hook after working out, or coil them and store them in a drawer or box.

8. Affordability

Whether you buy one or the entire set, resistance bands are an affordable addition to your home gym equipment. Resistance bands are available at reasonable costs with a high return for your investment.

9. Adaptability

These bands allow you to diversify the movement and the degrees of resistance. After some time, your muscles tend to adapt to your new exercise routine. This is why you need to increase the complexity without hurting yourself. Resistance bands make it easy to increase your workout levels allowing you to work your muscles in a slightly different way.

10. Combining with Cardio

It is easy to combine resistance cables with cardio breathing exercises. This combination helps to increase the intensity of your workout, thus burning more calories.

Try resistance cables today, and you’ll be perplexed by the results you see from adding resistance bands to your weight loss routine!

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