The 40% Rule by David Goggins

The 40% Rule by David Goggins

In December 2018, David Goggins released his famous book “It Can’t Hurt Me: Control Your Mind and Challenge the Difficulties”. This book narrates about his autobiography, and his weight loss journey from a fat, depressed, and unambitious man to a US Navy symbol, long-distance cyclist, Triathlon champion runner, and a record holder for several body-lift exercises. David Goggins is now among the best endurance athletes in the world.


In his book, Goggins introduced a rule that is based on his experience. The rule, referred to as the 40% rule, states that “When your mind first tells you that you are done, that you are tired, and that you cannot go ahead and carry on, you are in fact only 40% done. This implies that you haven’t exploited even half of what you’re capable of. The first sign of exhaustion is always false because the mind is trying to keep you in the comfort zone, where you cannot feel any pain. When you get to you are, your mind tends to withdraw and flee, especially when doing something that needs effort and some sacrifices. This rule helped him through an intense fitness routine, which made him lose over 100 pounds in three months.


In the book, David Goggins suggests that we can tap into the remaining 60 per cent of energy with the right motivation when feeling exhausted. The 40% rule requires you to challenge yourself to go a step further in your workout journey, especially when your mind tells you to give up. The book presents ways and steps to help you gain control over your mind and your way of thinking, rather than controlling your own mind


Of course, this rule does not imply that our minds and bodies are limitless; it just suggests that the extent of these limits needs revising. Often, we tend to limit our abilities as long as they are in the comfort zone, but David Goggins’s story proves that our bodies are capable of exceeding these limits.


Embracing David Goggins’ 40% rule when losing weight needs commitment, strength, endurance and a tough mind. This means that we have to be our own heroes, and we should only focus on racing against ourselves. Therefore, the goal is trying to find more strength and go a mile further than you went yesterday. This is the way to build physical and mental endurance. Just think of the last time you pushed yourself beyond your limits despite your mental barriers. In those moments, you used your own version of the 40% rule.

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