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Start your body transformation journey from obesity & overweight to fitness & general health improvement by enrolling in the40kg program. This course includes an online training course (live & private) and creating your customized & personalized smart diet to help you with weight management & achieve your fitness goals.

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I was once an obese person. I understand the cost and struggles of weight loss. From my personal experience with obesity, obesity-related diseases, and the health and social problems I lived through, and I fully appreciate the difficulties you may go through to live a healthy lifestyle and your attempts to get rid of weight gain and the accompanying problems

And based on my scientific background and personal experience in nutrition & body transformation, I came up with the solution that will help anyone struggling with weight management overcome all challenges & obstacles of health commitment by following this training program. Subscribe now to learn more.

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Through this course, you will:

  • learn the basics of healthy nutrition
  • learn the basics of weight management and building healthy habits
  • learn strategies and skills to overcome challenges, handle difficult circumstances and obligations and deal with unexpected events
  • Together, we will design your smart diet in a way that suits your lifestyle and circumstances so that you can commit and comfortably live a healthy lifestyle in this program:
  • learn how to keep track of your progress
  • Show you how to overcome nutrition and training plateaus
  • Assist you in managing cravings and staying on track to achieve your transformation goals.

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We Achieve Everything in 4 Steps

These phases entail a lifelong commitment to diet and health. Throughout this course, you will learn about physical activity, portion sizes, food choices, meal planning, exercise, and maintaining healthy behaviors. The three main steps include:

  • Step 1: Enrollment

Enroll in the program by sending the word “Enroll me” via WhatsApp message to complete the enrollment procedures, (registration, payment link & invoice) and to book your appointment


  • Step 2: Questionnaire

You will receive an electronic questionnaire with a set of behavioral questions that will make the trainer know what you like, your lifestyle choices, and the types of difficulties and challenges you face in your daily routine. With this information, we will design a personalized diet plan that will help manage weight and shift from being obese and overweight to being fit and healthy.

  • Step 3: Online training course

This is a direct and in-person online training course conducted using online video conference platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other program. The in-person online training course will last for only an hour.


  • Step 4: Smart personalized diet plan 


After analyzing your lifestyle, challenges, and training requirements, we will together design a customized diet in a smart way that helps you to eat healthy in the easiest way. This will work best after completing the behavioral questionnaire and the training course. Enroll to learn more about these phases.

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Why do you need a customized & personalized Smart diet Plan?

  • We make sure the smart diet fits into your everyday routine and is easy to follow for the rest of your life.
  • It helps you to be consistent and motivated when overcoming all obstacles and challenges of commitment.
  • The diet is simple, affordable, and easy to adhere to.
  • Flexible and diversified without deprivation of energy and resources
  • The diet is nourishing, thus Improving body health and strengthen immunity.
  • Full of healthy foods that will leave you feeling satisfied and full for as long as possible
  • Safe, that is, does not cause health issue in the short or long term.
  • It fits your lifestyle and personal taste without being overly complicated.
  • Uses foods and supplements available for you.
  • It helps you get organized and avoid chaotic eating.
  • Focuses on building healthy habits
  • It helps you improve your mood and psychological state and does not increase stress and psychological pressure.

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Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone struggling with being overweight and would like to lose weight, avoid gaining more weight and live a healthy and smart lifestyle. This program is suitable for everyone, including:

  • An employed father, an entrepreneur, or a retiree
  • An employed mother, an entrepreneur, or a housewife
  • School and university students
  • Employees and Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in learning more about weight management & nutrition
  • Anyone interested in losing weight safely and sustainably or in assisting others in doing so!

In just 24 hours, you can begin your weight loss journey! Enroll now.

How to Enroll in this course

You can enroll by filling in your enrollment form details, and I will contact you via WhatsApp for payment, reservation details, and appointments.

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Program requirements

The following are required for successful enrolment of the program

  • A working WhatsApp number for communication and to complete payment, reservation, and appointment procedures.
  • A video conference program such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or any preferred meeting program to provide the training course and design the smart personal diet together.

How much will the program cost?

  • The 12 weeks program subscription fee is $199 only.

The cost of the program covers:

  • Personal behavioral analysis for each individual
  • A live and private online training session for every client (and in the case of a family subscription, it will be online directly for the group)
  • Designing a personal training schedule and regime for each individual
  • Designing a personal diet for each individual
  • 3 months coaching support starting from the date of receiving the diet plan, including tips on how to overcome all difficulties and challenges and how to commit to a healthy and smart lifestyle


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About the coach Ahmad Sulaiman Salloum:

Performance Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

  • Post Graduate Academic Diploma in Performance Nutrition with distinction from The Institute of Performance Nutrition IOPN – UK (EQF Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, and MBA Degree in Strategic Management
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist CISSN by The International Society of Sports Nutrition ISSN-UK after successfully passing the CISSN exam.
  • Certified Master Trainer, Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association ISSA – US, based on the following certifications (CF Nutritionist, CF Specialized in Sports Nutrition, CF Transformation Specialist, CF Personal Trainer, CF Genetics-based Program Designer, CF Bodybuilding Specialist, CF Health Coach)
  • Certified Personal Trainer by the National Council For Certified Personal Trainers NCCPT in the USA (NCCA Accredited Certification Program) after successfully passing the Prometric exam.
  • Also, I had a personal experience with being obese and overweight and struggled in the past with many weight-related issues. However, based on scientific studies and following the smart diet method, I successfully overcame all my weight-related problems by losing 40 kg of weight in a natural & healthy way.


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