Three important keys to making continuous progress

Three important keys to making continuous progress

Continuous improvement is the ultimate way to be different. When everyone else gives up, you are still by your side. When they are out of breath, you are pulling your leg and pushing the finish line.

Unless you have the talent and ability to make it right the first time, you will not succeed overnight. With the right amount of luck, you can achieve it.

The following things assisted me in making steady progress in my weight loss journey

1. Setting smart goals

I started with defining specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable goals that were relevant to my desired weight loss goal. I also ensured that my goals were time-bound. For any progress to be achieved, one must need an end goal. And especially for a weight loss journey, the goal must be at the forefront as it is quite easy to lose track when all you feel is that you are not making progress.

Smart goals are important in the way that I did not overexert myself. I also did not want to hurt myself, trying to get better. Smart goals are also there for guidance as I traverse this weight loss journey that will most likely be filled with obstacles.

2. Building systematic habits

I built a set of healthy habits related to the goals and desired goals, including simple ones, as long as they led to positive cumulative results. I was planning to take this weight loss journey. I knew that my habits were the basis of my success.

Instead of eating unhealthily, I started eating healthy. Instead of taking twenty-minute workout sessions, I started working out for at least an hour. I also started getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep instead of four.

All the unhealthy habits that had fostered in my previous life had to change now that I am on the way to better myself. And although they say old habits die hard, they had to die for me to achieve my weight loss goals.

3. Persistence (the most important of all)

Insistence on achieving the goal is the most important key to achieving continuous progress, and with persistence, I achieved continuity, consistency, and discipline.

Like bettering oneself, I had moments where I wanted to give up. It is natural for individuals to try and resist change. Moreover, this philosophy was put to the test in my weight loss journey.

The time spent in the gym, the habits I had to cut off or implement because of the goals I had set, all these came as something new to the already comfortable life that I had created for myself.

It will be hard getting yourself out of that comfort zone. But it must be done. No one progresses in a comfort zone. There were days that I thought all this sweat was for naught. Days when the numbers on the scale increased instead of decreasing the way I hoped. Days where my meals tasted bland, and my body craved for the foods I used to eat before all this started.

Nevertheless, with my goal in mind and discipline in my system, I overcame this and came out as a conqueror on the other side.

As with many things, patience, consistency, and discipline are critical factors to success. And with weight loss, this is no different.

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